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Here are 101 reasons why we leave Mariska Hargitay! Do you have your own reasons? Fill out the form below and I will post them here on the site.

1. She’s talented.
2. She gives her all in every performance.
3. She has a heart of gold.
4. Advocate for victims of sexual abuse, domestic violence and child abuse.
5. She is the founder and president of the Joyful Heart foundation which heals, educate and empower survivors of sexual abuse, domestic violence and child abuse and shed light into the darkness that surrounds these issues.
6. Honest
7. Kind
8. Never gave up her dreams.
9. Worked hard to get to where she is today.
10. Her fans are important to her.
11. Always makes time for her fans.
12. She is confident and comfortable with herself.
13. She has the best laugh ever!
14. Her gorgeous smile.
15. She smiles with her eyes.
16. She’s the perfect role model for anyone.
17. Her passion and love for what she does shines through in the work she does for the Joyful Heart Foundation.
18. She brought Olivia Benson to life.
19. As soon as she walks into a room everyone stops and stares.
20. She’s always glowing.
21. She’s got beauty and brains.
22. She refused to change who she was or how she looked just because producers wanted her to.
23. She worked her butt off to make a name for herself instead of just being ‘Jayne Mansfield’s daughter.’
24. She’s not a stick thin hollywood actress, she’s healthy!
25. She’s living proof that good things come to those who wait.
26. She waited to find love and have children.
27. She won an Emmy for her portrayal of Detective Olivia Benson.
28. She celebrates life like it’s her last.
29. She never takes her career or her fans for granted.
30. She has helped thousands of abuse victims through her foundation.
31. She reads every single fan letter she receives.
32. She started the conversation.
33. She loves exactly where she is.
34. She doesn’t care about the fame or attention, her charity work proves that.
35. Even though she stars on a crime drama, she is actually really funny.
36. She is able to laugh at herself and has a great sense of humor.
37. She has great style and is almost always on the best dressed lists.
38. She’s a natural beauty and prefers to not wear makeup.
39. She gets along with everyone she meets.
40. Everybody loves Mariska.
41. Most people pronounce her name wrong and she’s not afraid to tell you that.
42. She’s fearless.
43. She’s a dedicated mother, wife, advocate, actress and friend.
44. She makes a full-time working mom look flawless.
45. She’s a caring soul.
46. She’s able to turn a negative into a positive.
47. Curvacious body.
48. Her hair always looks amazing.
49. Great personality.
50. Crusader.
51. Always gives more than she takes.
52. And asks for nothing in return.
53. She’s a California girl at heart.
54. Gives women and men a voice and the courage to speak up.
55. Always speaks her mind.
56. She’s not only an actress but an educator.
57. She’s proud of the work she does and it shows.
58. Humanitarian.
59. She changed the world and how we talk about sexual abuse.
60. She has a voice.
61. Classy
62. Compassionate.
63. She takes her career and foundation very seriously.
64. She wears a Fearlessness necklace on SVU.
65. She doesn’t let the fame get to her head.
66. She doesn’t let the negative comments bring her down.
67. No one ever has anything bad to say about her.
68. She has a likable personality.
69. Her family is the most important thing to her.
70. She won a Golden Globe for her performance on SVU.
71. She is receiving a Hollywood Walk of Fame star in 2012.
72. She’s always the center of attention.
73. She’s the life of the party.
74. She has this certain way about her when speaking to the public.
75. She’s not involved in scandals.
76. She’s the perfect example of what every women should aspire to be.
77. Her ability to make others smile.
78. She has fantastic comedic timing as shown in Can’t Hurry Love.
79. She’s a versatile actress.
80. She never used her parents name to get fame.
81. She stands up for what she believes in.
82. She started the Joyful Revolution.
83. She dropped out of college shortly before graduating to pursue her dreams.
84. She was honored at UCLA with the Distinguished Alumni Award.
85. Sometimes she writes blogs on her official site to keep fans informed on her life.
86. She frequently posts inspirational quotes on her twitter.
87. Mariska is everyone’s best friend.
88. The way she thinks she’s the lucky one by having the most amazing fans.
89. But the truth is we’re the lucky ones to have such a rare gem as a role model.
90. She’s fighting the good fight to end the backlog of untested rape kits.
91. She doesn’t care about all the fame and fortune, she’d rather be helping those in need.
92. She’s a certified rape crisis counselor and works closely with RAINN and other organizations.
93. She’s a fighter.
94. She won’t stop fighting for justice for victims.
95. Respectful
96. Respected.
97. She is respectful to the material she’s given on SVU and always gives a memorable performance.
98. She knows exactly who she is.
99. Speaks 5 languages.
100. She tells the best stories in interviews.
101. She’s a smart money-spender.
102. She’s an inspiration.
103. She is the best person in the world.
104. 104. She is an amazing person and I look up to her in every way possible. She dose amazing work with her foundation while managing a career and other things. It would be my absolute dream to meet her, number one on my bucket list!
105. She is my hero.
106. She can handle job and family at the same time. And she’s good at it.
107. Because her heart is open for everyone.
108. She’s a wonderful role model to women of any age and any size in a world and industry obsessed with youth and clothing sizes. I admire her integrity and I think she must be the happiest person I’ve ever seen.
109. She is just a gorgeous, lovely, beautiful and an open heart person. Just Mariska.
110. She is the true Wonder Woman.
111. She is always my top actress.
112. Just an overall awesome, inspiring, incredible person.
113. Mariska seems down-to-earth and she inspires me to be myself, not be something that others want me to be.
114. She is so very gracious and humbling person. A true lady. She inspires younger people to be brave and speak out about issues and to seek help.
115. Because she is my role model and helped me get over my assault.

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