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Have you ever met Mariska? Been to a filming location? If so, share your stories and/or pictures to be posted here. Fill out the application below to share your story.

Joe Cimino, Denver, CO:
Well, in 1996, Mariska was invited to be a Co-star in a TV episode being filmed in Santa Fe, New Mexico with Robert Ulrich called Lazereth man. I was so determined to get “in the movies.” Well I happened to meet a Native American who does a lot of roles in Walt Disney movies. He said that there were auditions for 2nds for the series, but needed to know how to ride a horse. i responded, Heck yes I can ride a horse! You can drag me thru a field by a rope…for free, cause I’ve done it!” Well, I did audition and having quarter horse showing experience, I got to be a 2nd. Instead, i was a guy who rode into town with Mariska, who was coming to town to meet lazerouth man. there were 2 of us and her. We rode around and around that set over and over in a Wagon pulled by horses, and as the Wagon stopped, I opened the door for her as she met Robert Ulrich and they had this nice wonderful kiss..On TV you could only see parts of the back of me. That was ok too, because I got to sit right across from her while she was practicing her lines and fixing her make up. The kid next to me kept asking her dumb questions and bugging her while she was trying to prepare and memorize her lines…She was so humble and patient, as I kept nudging him to be quiet. Finally she said very politley, “excuse me, I need to concentrate on my lines.” finally on the last take as we arrived at our stopping point where she would get out and meet, hug and kiss Ulrich, she finished her make up and turned to me and asked, “hey , how do I look?” I had been just melting from her natural beauty all day, but hadn’t said 1 word…. She was absolutely beautiful! Remember her long dark hair? Those big brown eyes..wow. Well, when she turned and looked at me and asked how she looked, all I could say with a crackling voice and weak knees, was…”You look gorgeous.” She turned, smiled and out she went to do her role…THAT made me smile from ear to ear for weeks!! I will always remember that experience and have shared that amazing moment with lots of friends and family. i have been her fan ever since and always will remember the down to earth and kindness she showed…Not to mention the beauty. THANK YOU Mariska!! Ask her if she remembers doing a scene with Robert Ulrich in Santa Fe.. Let her know I will never forget it, but let her know I was NOT the dude that kept bugging her. I was the bashful one that looked on with amazement…thank you for letting me share. Love to met her one day or get her autograph! Loyal fan, Joe Cimino

I was standing out side her trailer when she came out and Got my picture with her and got to talk to her. It was the best day of my LIFE! She Is so Beautiful inside and Out. It took me 27 years to get to meet her but I finally did.

Mariska was filming SVU in SI on Wed, 2/1/12 & I had the honor of watching her work AND when she was done, I got to take a photo with her AND tell her how awesome I thought she is & how I salute what she does for women via JHF..Mariska is so beautiful inside out & so gracious to everyone. Thank you Mariska..you are the best!!

Jadeen, New York
I was going to school and I saw a sign that svu was going to film around there! I was so excited! After school my mother and I waited in the cold to meet her and Chris! I was freaking out!! When I finally saw her I almost died!! She walked to her trailer which was where I was! She signed a few other autographs then she turned to me! I told her my name and how much I love svu! She was smiling I was just in shock by her beauty and how wonderful she is! I told her my age! I was 10 at the time and she flipped!! She was like “oh my God! Why are you watching the show you’re so young!” Then she started talking to my mom!! I thought I was going to die! Mariska Hargitay is talking to my mom!! I was so shocked and excited! !! She smiled at me after talking to my mom and said bye! !! OMG that day was so spectacular!!

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