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Have you watched every single Mariska interview? Then you might be able to remember which quotes these are from! Some are from magazines, talk shows, news shows, promotional clips. This page will be updated regularly with new quotes so keep checking back! Scroll down to read the answers. No cheating!

1. “People are changing, people do want to talk about it and there are men, heroes, truly like Joe Torre that are so brave and are true leaders, forces of nature and teachers to us. And that’s what today is all about.”

2. “My real personality is more Saturday Night Live than Olivia Benson. Ice is always like ‘Damn, I don’t know how you got on this show. You should be on SNL.’ So they always talk about it on set.”

3. “He was my partner for 12 years, you know it was really devastating and a huge, huge, huge adjustment and I missed him and I had a couple of really rough months but the show is in a very exciting place because there’s so much newness to the show this year. We have new characters and we have a new showrunner and so everything feels very fresh and there’s all kinds of new dynamics going on and as an actor that’s really exciting cause there’s so much new stuff to play.”

4. “We have to turn our outrage and grief into action and compassion–by learning the signs, by informing others, talking about it, coming together as a group, and saying ‘We need to talk about this.'”











1. Joy Rocks LA Benefit (2012)
2. E Online Interview (2012)
3. The Today Show (2011)
4. Redbook (April 2008)