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If you could meet Mariska what would you tell her? Let us know by filling out the form below! Unless you state otherwise, all submissions will be posted here for other Mariska fans to read! If you have met Mariska share your story here.

“I would faint, and she’d call for a “bus”

“If I met Mariska I would probably start hyper ventalating and crying because I am excited and she is also my idol. I would also say that she is my hero and that I love her and that she is the most amazing actress ever.”

“I just wanted to say if I ever met her I would say thanks, for her role as SVU gave me the courage, I have started the ball rolling with my story in regards to the police and I just have so much gratitude for her, she makes it seem easy to tell your story and feel comfortable, I am 19 in a few days and my story stopped just over a year and a half ago, I’m now on the mend but when I get my night terrors and panic attacks I think there’s always someone worse off, I am glad I found SVU because I wouldn’t have the courage to go forward. Also Stabler and the rest of the male side of the crew made me realize not all people are like it, I just wish one day when I’m well enough. I’ll write my story and she could read it, she helped me through without even being in the same country! thank you.”

“If I ever met Mariska I would tell her that she’s soooo beautiful and that I love her soooo muchhhhh and that I love her as Olivia and that she makes Olivia sooo sweet and merciful and compassionate. And I would ask her how she manages to be so darn, incredibly gorgeous. like, how is someone that beautiful? but I’d probably write it all in a two or three page long note because I’d be waayyyyy too shy and nervous to say it out loud.

can you imagine her reaction to something like that? I just close my eyes sometimes and fantasize if that were to ever happen. I love you, Mariska!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

“If I could ever meet her I would be so happy! I would also beg her to come to my school and talk about about the joyful heart foundation and sexual assault. She is my hero!”

“If I were ever to meet Mariska, I think I would start off by thanking her for her role in SVU, and thank her for showing me that there are people out there that really care! And I would also thank her for giving me the courage to pick myself up and share my story with anyone who would want to hear it! I am very grateful to have found her show! There is one part of my story that I have tried to force myself to forget, only because the “what if’s” got the best of me. And if it wasn’t for her, I don’t think i would ever even considered talking about it! But I believe that I should face it and accept it! And believe that it really did happen among 4 other things. It took me years to even talk about it to myself! But now I am ready to accept what happened and move on! And thanks to Mariska, I now have the courage to do so! Thank you so much Mariska! I love you!”

“If I could meet Mariska I want to ask her autograph and a photo. I hope someday she will come to The Netherlands.”

If I ever had the privilege to meet Mariska Hargitay, I think that for the first time I would be able to tell my story. One that isn’t very short. I am always the one helping everyone and everything no matter what even if they hurt me. I have lost a lot because of not taking care of myself along the way. She is my role model and I look up to her because who she is in real life. I don’t want to meet Mariska Hargitay because she’s a famous person, my dream is to meet her because of all the people she has helped through her interactions and actually caring about others and maybe just maybe just talking to a person I look up to like her it might just help me too.

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