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Coco Admires Mariska
March 1, 2010

One rumor that continues to pop up about Coco is that she is a “party girl”. According to Coco, she definitely likes to party, “but only with her man”. And, truthfully, she’d always prefer a quiet night out (or just at home) to any nightclub scene. Coco proudly boasts her decade of pure monogamous bliss with her husband and plans for a future “Little Coco” (a girl, she really hopes), though not in the immediate future, as she understands her and Ice’s days are currently too full to take on the big responsibility of a baby. Coco points to SVU star, Mariska Hargitay, as a role model for a career woman who had her first child in 2006 at age, 42.

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LAW & ORDER: SPECIAL VICTIMS UNIT (NBC) It must be the first law of “Law & Order” thermodynamics: As the original show has improved over the last two years, “SVU” has declined. The only idea the writers seem to have left is to put Elliot (Christopher Meloni) or Olivia (Mariska Hargitay) in danger, preferably in a situation that includes serious injury or torture. Returns Wednesday, with back-to-back episodes featuring the noted thespians Kathy Griffin (as a lesbian-rights activist) and Mischa Barton (as a prostitute).

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Pepsi Refresh Project Update
February 26, 2010

This is from the JHF facebook page:

Dear Joyful Heart Community,

I wanted to update you on a development with our submission to the Pepsi Refresh Project.

We learned yesterday from Pepsi that they had embedded a supporter-created YouTube video onto their site after our submission was posted and voting had begun. This well-intended action was a mistake and in violation of Pepsi’s own contest rules. They did this on their own, not at our request and without our prior knowledge.

Pepsi assured us that our proposal was the leading submission by 6% prior to them doing this and 6% after. Thanks to your support, we spent much of the contest in the #1 spot.

Pepsi also informed us that our submission would be awarded a discretionary $250,000 grant, the first place funding amount, and assured us that in addition and with our full support, the other two top-three proposals in our category would also be funded with a grant.

To read the statement from Pepsi, please visit the Pepsi Refresh Everything Blog here: http://www.refresheverything.com/blog/2010/02/26/learning-as-we-go/

Despite this situation, we remain so incredibly grateful to the thousands of supporters who have volunteered their time, talent and creativity to promoting our idea and share our commitment to heal, educate and empower survivors of abuse. The outpouring we have received from supporters of our idea has been absolutely astonishing.

On behalf of Mariska, the Board and staff of JHF, and the countless survivors who we have served and will serve in the future, thank you so much for all of your support and dedication to our cause.

Yours in joy,

Maile M Zambuto
Executive Director
Joyful Heart Foundation

And this is Pepsi’s statement on their blog:

The Pepsi Refresh Project focuses on promoting positive social change and collaborating with people who have the ideas and the passion to refresh the world.
Despite our best intentions, we did not follow the program’s guidelines properly, which is the subject of an article in today’s New York Times.
We will be taking the following steps: Pepsi will award Joyful Heart a discretionary grant of $250,000. The second- and third-highest vote-getters at the $250,000 level will receive $250,000 grants from the Pepsi Refresh Project. We also will return the submission to its original format.
We are committed to giving away $1.5 million in mid-March to what will now be 33 grant recipients and more than $20 million by the end of the year to help people bring their positive ideas to life. More than anything, this is the most important commitment of all.
As we move forward and learn from this, we are committed to taking steps to ensure the fairness and integrity of the program and that the Pepsi Refresh Project continues to inspire people to create positive ideas that will change the world.
–The Pepsi Refresh Team

Magazine Scans
February 26, 2010

I just uploaded a bunch of magazine scans check them out below!

Pepsi is planning to give more than $20 million to charities through a contest called Pepsi Refresh, the most ambitious so far among a number of similar contests that have used social networks on the Internet to raise money and recognition for nonprofit groups and social causes.

But, like some of its predecessors, Pepsi Refresh has stumbled over its own rules.

The tiny charity currently atop the rankings in one category of the contest accidentally got a little help from Pepsi itself.

Materials submitted by the Joyful Heart Foundation, a charity started by Mariska Hargitay, one of the stars of “Law & Order: Special Victims Unit,” to help victims of sexual assault, were updated by the staff at Pepsi after the submission deadline, which is against the contest rules.

That upset some of the contestants who wondered whether Pepsi was doing favors for a celebrity. “I can’t edit my own submission, so how did she do it?” said one contestant, who insisted on anonymity because he did not want to jeopardize his chances of winning.

Just an honest mistake, says Pepsi. “We didn’t follow our guidelines to the letter,” said Jill Beraud, chief marketing officer for the American beverages unit at Pepsi. “The bottom line is that we’ve learned from this and we’re moving on.”

The company said it would give away three $250,000 prizes, instead of two as originally planned.

The company worked with experts in social media in hopes of avoiding problems other companies have encountered. Ms. Beraud said that so far it had exceeded expectations in terms of the number of people who have voted, the number of submissions and the response from bottlers and employees.

A thousand organizations compete for $5,000, $25,000, $50,000 and $250,000 grants in each month at least through the end of the year, using materials and information they must submit before each monthly contest begins. Those materials cannot be edited once the particular contest starts.

But a video clip that is embedded in Joyful Heart’s pitch was clearly made after the submission deadline. Featuring Ms. Hargitay and Justine Ezarik, the blogosphere and Twitter phenom, the video incorporates a photo of the Pepsi Refresh Web site, which went up only after the submission deadline had passed.

The Joyful Heart submission originally included a link to a video on YouTube, and the Pepsi staff decided it would be simpler for Pepsi Refresh voters to view the video directly on the Pepsi Refresh site.

Ms. Beraud said she was certain the video had not given an advantage to Joyful Heart, which had 6 percent more votes than its closest competitor the day before and the day after the video was embedded. (Pepsi does not release vote totals, only rankings.)

Credit: New York Times

Kathy Griffin is getting serious on an episode of “Law & Order: Special Victims Unit” and we’ve got a first look!
“It’s definitely more serious than I usually do,” says Kathy of her character, a “militant lesbian activist” whose partner is murdered. At first she’s a suspect, but soon the SVU team realizes she is also in danger. Kathy delivers her fiery best – and she already has a guest-star Emmy in her sights.
“First of all, let me apologize to the other ladies who are going to lose the Emmy to me this year because they probably worked very hard. But you know what? It’s my time,” she half-jokes.
Co-stars Mariska Hargitay and Christopher Meloni echo the sentiment: “Oh yeah, that’s what it’s all about for her — Emmy gold,” says Mariska, while Chris adds, “Oh yeah, she deserves the bling.”
“It’s so much fun to get in Chris Meloni’s face,” says Kathy, who ranks “Law & Order: SVU” as one of her favorite shows.
“She’s outspoken,” says Chris. “She’s brash. She’s still funny.”
Kathy’s episode airs next Wednesday on NBC and she says, “I think a lot of straight men will be pleased and I think a lot of lesbians will be pleased.”

Watch the video below:

May 2009 Health Scans
February 24, 2010

I uploaded the May 2009 issue of Health in the gallery check them out!

Watch Benson’s surprise kiss in this preview of SVU airing March 4th, 9/8c.

I can’t wait for this episode, it looks so good! Just a few more days!

Sneak Preview of “P.C”
February 23, 2010

All-new SVU returns Wednesday, March 3rd. Watch a preview of “P.C.” now!

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