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Mariska Hargitay introduces the film clip from Law & Order: SVU “Justice Denied,” at the Justice for All Awards Dinner 2013. The episode educated thousands of viewers about false confession and wrongful conviction. Stuart Feldman was the screenwriter for “Justice Denied” and accepted NCIP’s 2013 Media Award for his important work.

Here’s the video from the Hollywood Walk of Fame for those of you who weren’t able to watch the live feed. Unfortunately there were some issues with the audio. The ceremony starts around the 34:38 mark. I’ve added over 70 pictures from the ceremony and still adding more!

Mariska was honored with a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame earlier. It was a beautiful ceremony. I’ll post the video as soon as it becomes available. Her gorgeous husband and beautiful children were there to support her as well as her brothers, sister and Mom, Ellen! Her co-star Danny Pino was also there along with former and current showrunners Neal Baer and Warren Leight. Her friends Debra Messing and Maria Bello were also in attendance. Hilary Swank and Dick Wolf gave the speeches. Ali Wentworth even tweeted a picture with her kids to congratulate Mariska! As you can see, she has touched a lot of lives. Mariska, we are so proud of you! It’s so deserving and long overdue. I’m still uploading pictures so keep checking back!

Hollywood Walk of Fame Ceremony
November 8, 2013

When Mariska Hargitay tweeted back in May, “Happy weekend. It’s official. Season 15 – I’LL BE BACK!” she gave her loyal “Law & Order: Special Victims Unit” fans a treat, breaking the news that she’d re-upped before anyone else.

“She has a lot of power on the show,” says showrunner Warren Leight, who joined the series in 2011, roughly 12 years after original cast member Hargitay fi rst signed on. “Luckily, she uses her power for good and not evil.”

He has a point: Coming from nearly any other actress of Hargitay’s stature, the tweet might have smacked of power play, a way to assert who’s really in charge over there.

If she’d wanted, she could get away with it.

Hargitay is the only lead to have won an Emmy for any show in the once-mighty “Law & Order” franchise; she’s the anchor of TV’s longest-running drama, an ensemble series that chugs away despite tough slot competition from shows like “Modern Family” and “American Idol” (it averaged 2.1 ratings with adults 18-49 last season); and she’s one of TV’s top earners (Forbes puts her yearly earnings at $10 million). And, as almost anyone from the network on down will say, she and her tough but empathetic character Det. Olivia Benson are the heart of the show.

But that wasn’t what was behind the tweet. Hargitay just wanted to keep her fans — who last saw Benson in the season 14 finale in dire straits — from stressing out. It’s a typical stance from the actress, who says her job has transformed into “my life’s work.”

“The first time I read the show’s script, I thought, ‘I love this woman, I understand the trauma she survived,’ ” says Hargitay (Benson is the product of her mother’s rape). “And it’s evolved beyond a television show; I feel it truly is an agent of change.”

Over the years, Hargitay may not have become Benson, but she’s channeled the dark energy the show can put out into advocacy and charity work. In addition to launching her Joyful Heart Foundation in 2004 to help victims of sexual abuse and trauma (they’ve raised nearly $15 million to date, she reports), she’s brought in teams of experts through the foundation to go on retreats with the show’s writers, and regularly fields unusual letters from viewers, many of whom are opening up about their own abuse for the first time when they write her.

“I sometimes get confused myself; I spend so much time as an actor and advocate, and they are interwoven,” she says. “These girls are looking for someone to look up to. Olivia is empowered, and they aspire to be like that. They say, ‘I wish Olivia was my mother. Then she could have protected me.’”

Tough, emotional stuff — yet that bond is an unintended boon for the network. In the years since “SVU” premiered, the audience for broadcast has shifted and become much more female-friendly. For NBC, having a series that portrays not just a powerful female lead who helps victims, but one whose real-life portrayer does the same, has helped brand the show in ways that couldn’t have been planned.

Another plus: Benson and Hargitay’s appeal spans generations. “SVU” is a particularly sticky show thanks to its Twitter presence, and Leight says that it’s not just the expected over-35 audience that likes watching an over-40 actress (Hargitay is 49), it’s also the Twitter generation. “Kids watch it with their moms,” he says. “There’s a college audience. And every week we have an extremely vibrant social media response to the show that doesn’t always reflect ratings.”

Says Vernon Sanders, current programming exec VP at NBC, “It’s hard to say how much of our audience is coming exclusively for Mariska, but women are our primary audience. Mariska is one of those performers who transcends. The fact that she’s got appeal to not just one demographic … is a unique thing on the television landscape.”

Naturally, there’s a hitch: Even Hargitay, who has invested so many years and a good chunk of her personal time into the show and its social issues says it may be time for a break.

“I shoot 14½ hours each day, and I have two babies at home, and there are a lot of things I haven’t done acting-wise,” she says. While she’ll be directing episodes for the first time this year and says she’s still challenged by the material, it appears she’s considering ending her run with the series.

“It is a place of darkness that I’ve been immersed in, and there are times it does get to me,” she says. “I need more light and joy. A lot of that I can exorcise by working with Joyful Heart and being an agent of change. It’s a great role, and it has been great to me, but it’s like running a marathon. I’ve been doing it a long time.”

So what happens when, inevitably, the heart of the show opts out? “I’m glad we haven’t had to face that,” says Sanders, who says NBC would have to talk with creator Dick Wolf and Leight about whether the series should even continue if Hargitay leaves. “We’d have to give it a lot of thought, and it would be a collaborative decision.”

Leight says if, and when, she does go he’s sure they’ll find a way to ease her away, rather than abruptly see her disappear. “We’d have a way to arc her out; she might not leave all at once. There would be a chance for closure, and then you hope you can reinvent the show.”

“SVU” started shooting its first episodes of season 15 in July, and Hargitay — as promised in her tweet — was back and cracking up the crew and her fellow actors (“She has a wild sense of humor, people don’t always know that,” says Sanders). But she still speaks — to continue her metaphor — like a runner who has glimpsed the light at the end of a very long tunnel.

“Sometimes when you see the finish line you can run faster and you have more energy,” she says. “So that’s how I’m sort of approaching it. I’m going to give it my all and sprint as hard as I can.”


I just finished uploading pictures of Mariska and family arriving at LAX International Airport yesterday. It’s going to be a busy day for her! She’s in town to receive her star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame and then later she’ll be on Jay Leno which airs at 11:35pm on NBC. Keep checking back for updates throughout the day!

LAX International Airport
November 7, 2013

No More PSA Outtake Video
November 7, 2013

Here’s an outtake from the the No More PSA. It was posted on Vimeo but deleted so I uploaded it to YouTube in case you weren’t able to see it. It’s a very powerful video and message!

I just found a picture of Mariska and Amaya at the Wolffer Estate Harvest Festival from 2011. We already had one picture from the event but now we have another one. You can view the picture in the gallery below.

Wolffer Estate Harvest Festival
October 10, 2011

She’s wooed a paramedic on NBC’s Chicago Fire and gotten naked with Adam Driver on HBO’s Girls, but Shiri Appleby‘s guest star turn on the Nov. 13 episode of Law & Order: Special Victims Unit is a role unlike anything the actress has ever played before. Appearing in SVU‘s latest episode, “Military Justice,” Appleby takes on the persona of junior officer Amelia Albers, a woman so fiercely loyal to her military family that she hesitates to cooperate when she becomes the victim of an alleged gang rape by fellow officers.

“Amelia has tremendous respect for all her family has achieved. She’s strong, driven and brave when going through the aftermath of a horrible event and I’ve never played a character who has to confront such a situation and uphold a legacy,” Roswell alum Appleby — whose SVU gig was among her first since welcoming daughter Natalie in March 2013 — tells Us Weekly. “Her journey was emotionally exhausting and rewarding all at the same time.”

In the scene depicted in the video clip above, Appleby’s character struggles with admitting her attack to Det. Olivia Benson (Mariska Hargitay) and Det. Amanda Rollins (Kelli Giddish), with whom she first comes into contact with when she’s arrested for DUI. “Amelia finally feels safe enough to explore the confusion she feels about speaking up,” Appleby hints of the pivotal segment, filmed during her eight-day stint on SVU‘s New York City set.

Inspired to take on the role after viewing the 2012 Oscar-nominated documentary The Invisible War, about the women who fall victim to military rape, Appleby calls it an honor to tell Amelia’s story. “While shooting I began to feel how I was speaking for these women and how I wanted to honor their struggles, pain and the injustice they feel. I was lucky to be working with giving actresses who were with me every step of the way.”

While on set, Appleby — currently filming the Lifetime pilot Unreal in Atlanta — tells Us she developed quite the rapport with Raul Esparza, who appears on Dick Wolf‘s drama as Assistant District Attorney Rafael Barba. Says Appleby of working with the fan favorite Esparza in a series of courtroom scenes: “It felt like a great tennis match working with him. He’s smart, generous and funny as hell!”

Law & Order: Special Victims Unit airs Wednesdays at 9 p.m. (EST) on NBC.


You can view captures from tonight’s episode in the gallery below. I also uploaded the Dateline commercial with Mariska, Danny & Raul to YouTube here. I recorded it from my phone so the quality is not that great and I apologize!

SVU 15×07- Dissonant Voices Captures

I’ve added outtakes from the Hamptons cover shoot Mariska did over the summer. Some of them haven’t been seen before and they are gorgeous! So make sure you check the rest of the pictures out in the gallery below.

Hamptons Magazine Photo Shoot Outtakes

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