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Mariska attended the VMAs tonight and I added a bunch of pictures to the gallery. I’ll be adding more so keep checking back!

Video Music Awards
August 30, 2015

4 Responses to “Pictures: MTV Video Music Awards”

  1. Stef Johnson says:

    Hey Jess – Congrats on your new website and a huge congrats on the fact that Mariska finally followed you on Twitter! I’ve been trying to get her to follow me ever since I had met her too but she hasn’t yet. How did it happen? Did you ask in your tweet or when you saw her in person?

  2. Jess says:

    Hey Stef! Thank you and THANK YOU!!! Ahh, I have no idea how she even followed me. I never tweet her or anything so it was a complete surprise to me. I know she knows about this site but I never mention her in any of my tweets so I’m still shocked lol.

    I hope she follows you soon! She follows a lot of fans so keep trying and one day you’ll get that follow 🙂

  3. Stef Johnson says:

    Yeah, I even tried tweeting her a begging squirrel but that didn’t work – lol
    So she knows about your site because of your birthday projects, right? So when you met her and told her about your site you never once asked her to follow you?

  4. Jess says:

    I told her about my site when I met her but I never asked for a follow- I included my twitter handle when I gave her the projects. I think I had a little bit of an advantage anyway because she kind of already knew who I was so I figured I didn’t have to say anything- it’ll happen when it happens lol. That was my thought process.

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