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Take this Mariska quiz and see how well you really know her!

1. What 1982 beauty pageant did Mariska win?

2. What music video did Mariska appear in?

3. What was Mariska's nickname when she was younger?

4. What High School did Mariska attend in Los Angeles?

5. Why was Mariska arrested?

6. What SVU episode did Mariska win an Emmy in 2006 for?

7. Approximately how tall is Mariska?

8. Which of the following is one of Mariska's best friends?

9. What is Olivia Benson's Badge number?

10. What is Mariska's middle name?

11. Where did Mariska & Peter spend their honeymoon?

What ethnicity is Mariska Hargitay?

13. What was Mariska's character's name in Plain Truth?

14. In what SVU Season 12 episode did Olivia fly to Los Angeles?

15. Mariska dropped out of UCLA shortly before graduating to star on what TV show?

16. In what SVU Season 11 episode did Peter Hermann play her attorney?

17. What TV show did Mariska star on with a talking dog?

Mariska can speak the following languages EXCEPT:

19. Who was Mariska's character in the TV Show Falcon Crest?

20. Mariska has stated that if she will star in the movie Welcome to 18 she will not do nudity (as her part called for it):