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Welcome to MariskaFans.com, your largest and most up-to-date resource for Mariska Hargitay on the web! We have been serving the Mariska community since 2009 and have over 200,000 images for your viewing pleasure. If you have any questions or comments feel free to contact me. Please note that I am not Mariska nor do I know anyone affiliated with her.

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Do you have anything in common with Mariska? Maybe she has inspired you to take a certain career path? Let us know by filling out the form below! All submissions will be posted here.

Two things in common with her: (without even trying or realizing it) My hair is the same as hers in season twelve of SVU. Just passing the shoulders and side hanging bangs just passing my chin and it’s almost the same color, same darkness only my hair is dirty blond. And the other thing is i lovvveeeeee SVU!!!!!! 😀 😀 😀 😀

Mariska and I have the same birthstone. Birthdays are both in January. She has inspired me to want help others and continue working in Law Enforcement.

Mariska and I have the same birthday, January 23rd.

We are both tall. She is 5 ft. 8 inches and I am 6ft. 1 inch. Both of our birthdays are in January. Like her I believe that one of the reasons that God put me on this earth was to help people. I have
always worked well with people and counseling them no matter what position I was holding at the time. I would like to think that like her I would do anything in my power to help someone in trouble. Like Mariska, my passion is working with people and helping them. I also have counseled (as a case manager) with victims of abuse, sexual assault and all kinds of terrible traumas.

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