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We all know that Mariska is one of the most talented actresses out there and has inspired us in so many ways. Let us know why and when you became a fan of Mariska by emailing me at mariskaonline@yahoo.com. Your response will be posted here on the site.

I am a fan of Mariska Hargitay almost by accident. I have heard of her before, and have even caught a few episodes of Law & Order SVU since it’s inception in 1999. However, I never really watched it. I happened to be looking for videos featuring Dakota Fanning on Netflix, and listed was an episode of SVU, so I watched it. From then on, I was hooked. Mariska (Olivia) was such an intense character and I had to watch more. Since that day in March I have watched EVERY single episode of L&O:SVU on Netflix or other venues from Season 1 to Season 11. I eagerly await Season 12. I think what draws me to Mariska is the softness of her eyes, the brilliance of her smile, and the joy in her laughter. Although she doesn’t laugh often on the show, I’ve seen other clips of her laughing and smiling and Mariska is a truly captivating woman. She exudes strength, courage, determination, and GUSTO! I only wish I had 1/2 of her confidence. Mariska Hargitay will forever be on my list of people to meet. I might just die of happiness if that ever happened, but it would be so worth it!
– Amanda Starry, Arizona

I’m a fan of Mariska Hargitay because of her courage and strength, and her ability to connect with her character so well. She has a motherly feel about her, when she is working with children, and she’s someone that if I could have had a mother growing up, I think i would want her, or someone like her. She has a great personality,and i hope she keeps up the good work!
– Meghan Bleck, Michigan

My name is Corinne Pina and I have been watching the Law & Order”: SVU show for a few years now. I love your character and your whole personality. You are so fabulous and seem to be a very warm person and whom I could trust. Your character played on the show and the interviews I saw on TV gave me the courage to come forward and talk about the rape I experienced when I was 14. So far I have never spoken to anyone about this traumatic incident. Your character you play on SVU and your genuine personality gave me the courage to speak about it and get help.

Thank you Mariska for giving me the courage to come forward. I love you!
– Corinne PIna, New York, NY

It all started off when I liked Seana Kofoed(Jane from Men in Trees). She was on SVU once (1×14 Limitations :D) and Mariska just got me. I kept watching SVU and forgot about Men In Trees. Also because that show was really bad.. >.>
I just didn’t get Mariska out of my mind and at the 24th of January I decided to look her up on the internet – and of course found out that her birthday was on the day before :))
That was 2 years ago and I’ve fallen even more for her 🙂
Seriously.. what’s not to love about Mariska Hargitay? She’s the cutest human being alive 🙂
She’s so dedicated to the JHF and the whole subject around it, that’s amazing. She’s a great actress and SO talented!
She’s so beautiful.On the outside and even more on the inside!
I just can’t resist her eyes..her laugh..her voice.. just everything! 😀
She always makes me smile. I don’t know what this woman did to me..lol
Unfortunately I never got to meet her, and chances are low that this will ever happen 🙁
BUT I’ll keep on hoping, and loving her :]
-Diana Bachler, Austria

Why I love Mariska Hargitay.. I love her so many reasons but number one is because she reminds me of my mom, she was murdered when I was just nine years old and now im 15 ive been watching Law and Order almost everyday it gets me through it just seeing Mariska playing Olivia Benson and showing me that “it’s ok to talk about it” and really she has helped me through alot. My dream is to meet her. And what I wanna be is a svu detective for New York, right now im in michigan but that is my dream.

My name is Louella and I have been a fan of yours since I started watching Law and Order SVU back in 1999. I have always enjoyed watching how you interact and connect with the victims on the show. I am not a victim but have known a few and from watching how Olivia handles each situation, I have been able to help my friends. I have followed how your an activist for woman’s rights and protection with your origination you have been able to offer so much help to those who need it. Your an amazing person from what I have watched and read the world is really lucky to have a woman like you to look to for help, guidance, support. Thank you for being a role model and helping hand. Looking forward to reading more about the amazing work you do.
Aunt SaSa

I am her fan because I went through some very hard times as a child and as I get older the more that I watch her show the better I feel about what happened. Thanks to her even though I never meet her I have been able to get through these past six years by just watching her show. So now all I want to do is meet her just so that I can tell her my story and what an inspiration she has been for me.