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Welcome to MariskaFans.com, your largest and most up-to-date resource for Mariska Hargitay on the web! We have been serving the Mariska community since 2009 and have over 200,000 images for your viewing pleasure. If you have any questions or comments feel free to contact me. Please note that I am not Mariska nor do I know anyone affiliated with her.

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How do you know you’re a Mariska fan? Read below to find out! Some are serious, some are just for fun. If you have your own reasons then fill out the form below and I will post it here on the site.

1. You smile whenever you see her on TV or in a magazine, etc.
2. You own all her movies or TV shows on DVD.
3. You just can’t get enough of her.
4. Whenever there is an SVU marathon on TV you watch it even though you’ve seen every episode.
5. You dress like her.
6. All you think or talk about is Mariska.
7. You know every episode of SVU and every single detail of that episode.
8. You’ll stay up all night watching SVU marathons.
9. You spend hours looking up Mariska Hargitay on the internet.
10. You have had one or more hairstyles like Mariska.
11. You buy every magazine with Mariska in it.
12. You talk about her constantly to your friends.
13. You have all the Mariska sites booknmarked and favorited.
14. You make sure to correct anyone who mispronounces her name.
15. You don’t like anyone who doesn’t like her and become best friends with the people that do.
16. You have a huge collection of magazine clippings that feature Mariska.
17. You cry when she cries.
18. Your heart fills with joy every time she wins an award or is being honored at an event.
19. You signed up for Mariska Hargitay google alerts.
20. She’s your desktop wallpaper on your computer and/or the background on your phone.
21. Your dream is to meet her.
22. Your happy when she’s happy.
23. You’re proud of her success in her acting career and being an advocate for abuse victims.
24. You bid on ebay to win an autographed magazine.
25. You have entered other auctions to win either clothing or a trip to the SVU set.
26. When you have started a club or fundraiser either at your school or in your community to shed light on others and bring awareness on issues like abuse.
27. You go on youtube just to watch videos of Mariska.
28. You defend her whenever someone says mean things about her.
29. You save Mariska pictures on your computer.
30. When you’re at the store and start rearranging the magazines to put the ones with Mariska on the cover in the front row.
31. When you force your family members or friends to watch SVU with you.
32. You have the Fearlessness necklace or any other piece of Me&Ro jewelry.
33. You went to New York just so you could meet her.
34. You find yourself trying to convert other people into fans.
35. You search on Ebay for any Mariska merchandise you don’t have.
36. The first time I saw her in SVU something just clicked and I just couldn’t stop watching more of her work. Meeting her is my only wish.
37. when you check the latest details on Mariska everyday!
38. When you cry with joy at the thought of meeting her.
39. When the highlight of your week is a new episode of SVU.
40. When all of your fanfiction features one of her characters.
41. Because I watch her every time she’s on TV or look everything there is to know about her and I’m buying two of the necklaces of hers and I dress like her and I just answered most of the questions with a yes.
42. When you realize she has made you truly FEARLESS!
43. When you have the theme song for L&O:SVU as a ringtone on your phone.
44. When you search the internet for updates about L&O:SVU or Mariska herself.
45. When you stay up for days making sure you don’t miss a show or detail about her.
46. When you talk about her 24/7.
47. When you want to start dressing like her.
48. When you doodle her name everywhere.
49. When you defened her.
50. When you have a ton of her pictures.
51. When you watch her show.
52. When you want to meet her.
53. When you run around your house screaming while watching the premiere of Undercover Blue because Benson and Cassidy are finally together again, and when you squeal cause Amaro and Munch are at Cassidy’s door and Liv is inside his apartment with him!
54. You do all of the above.

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